Shipping Container Delivery Information

We are happy to deliver your shipping container.  Deliveries will be done with a tilt-bed trailer.  This means you do not need a forklift or other equipment to unload the truck.  If the truck will need to drive over grass to get to your drop location, we will have to schedule with the weather in mind.  

For 20' and 40' containers, please follow the steps below to determine your Delivery Zone and estimated delivery charges.  If you have any questions, we are here to help! 

For 53' containers, please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Step 1: The containers on our site are listed for sale by city.  Where is the container you have selected?  

Depot locations (starting point):
Cincinnati: West Chester, OH 45069
Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN 46225
Chicago: Elwood, IL 60421 
Cleveland: Cleveland, OH 44125
Detroit: Detroit, MI 48209
Columbus: Lockborne, OH 43137 or Columbus, OH 43207 - see specific container listing to determine which is applicable.

Step 2: Determine the distance from the starting point to the delivery location.  
Open google maps.  Use the depot location as the starting point and the delivery address as the end point.  This is your "Mileage" for the chart below. 

Step 3: Use the chart below to determine your delivery zone and approximate delivery price per load.  We can fit 1x40 or up to 2x20 per load.  Once we have your exact address we can quote you the exact delivery price. Thanks!

 Mileage Zone Delivery Estimate
0 - 49 Zone A $400
50 - 74 Zone B $475
75 - 99 Zone C $525
100 - 124 Zone D $600
125 - 149 Zone E $700
150 - 174 Zone F $800
175 - 199 Zone G  $850
200 +  Zone H We may be able to help you find a closer depot.


 53' Containers:  These containers are big!  They are meant for rail and are longer, wider and taller than normal trucks can move around.  We know your F350 or 3500 combined with your superior driving skills could totally get the job done.  However, the commercial depots usually won't load a trailer that is not at least 48' long and a step deck to avoid getting in trouble.  Transporting this size load also requires oversize permits. 

To figure out the approximate delivery cost, find the mileage from the depot and do this math: 

$450 + $100 for every 25 miles

Example: 20 mile delivery from Columbus 43207
$450 + $100 = $550

Example: 65 miles from Columbus 43207
$450 + $300 = $750