ConexTalk is Hiring!

We already can't wait to meet you.  If you're ready to be part of something amazing, if you're excited to contribute to a company that believes in the power of dreams and hard work, then come build with us. Your opportunity to make a difference, to shape the future, and to be a part of a remarkable journey awaits.  Join us, and together, let's build something extraordinary.

How To Apply

Ready to kickstart your journey with us? Applying is as easy as pie! Simply draft an email showcasing your relevant experience. Don't forget to attach your resume to highlight your skills.

Our Current Openings

Office Manager

Join our team as an Office Manager and bring your exceptional organizational skills and keen attention to detail to our friendly and understanding group. Remember that massive soccer tournament last year? We need someone with that level of organizational prowess. Or perhaps you're the friend who spots that one elusive typo in a sea of words. If you're passionate about creating order from chaos and thrive in a supportive environment where the owner occasionally treats us to lunch, then you're the missing piece we're looking for. Come be a part of something amazing with us!

Work From Home Sales Associate

Embrace the freedom of working from home as our Sales Associate! We get it – not everyone enjoys the office hustle. That's why we're looking for go-getters like you, who thrive between loads of laundry and have mastered the art of social media. Your passion for scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and various apps is about to become your secret to success. Join us in selling top-quality containers and turn those hours spent online into meaningful connections and sales. Your dream work-from-home opportunity is just a click away!